High Notes…

mia-operaMia learned much of what she knows about storytelling from singing. A classically trained soprano, she won the District Metropolitan Opera Auditions and has shared a stage with Placido Domingo. As she prepared for operatic roles, she devised back stories for her characters. Since she’s worn a real corset, and had to sing high C’s in one, she empathizes with the trials of her fictional heroines. But in Mia’s stories, they don’t die in a Parisian garret. They get to live and keep the hero!

Now an award-winning author, Mia Marlowe writes historical romance for multiple publishing houses. Her debut title received advance ovations from romance luminaries. #1 New York Times bestseller Victoria Alexander says Mia’s Touch of a Thief has “adventure and heat and everything I want in a great story!” UK’s BooksMonthly has crowned Mia Marlowe “the queen of saucy historical romance.”

Pictured at right: Mia as Rosalinde in Die Fledermaus

Personal Notes…

Mia didn’t plan on making things up for a living.

Like a lot of the best things in her life, she stumbled into writing. She’s had a rather checkered past, you see. After deciding not to lay her family on the altar of her singing career, Mia dabbled in lots of different things. She’s been–hold on!–a teacher, a choir director, a director of children’s ministry, a homeschooling mom, a real estate agent, a banker, and now an author.

Her dear husband and children supported her completely when she decided to try her hand at writing. She overheard one of her daughters tell a friend, “Well, of course, my mom can do it. She’s a Renaissance Woman. She can do anything!”

After that, Mia didn’t dare fail.

Relationships fascinate her. She loves the delicate dance between two souls and the steamy possibilities along the way. Other times and places call to her, so writing historical romance was a natural choice.

Mia would rather have an adventure than a new sofa. She loves history, art, music and travel. Especially travel. Good thing, since she’s lived in 9 different states. She regards her frequent moves as vacations on which she drags along all her stuff. Currently, she and her family call New England home.

One more thing she loves is connecting with other readers and writers. You can find her online almost every day on the social media sites and of course here on her blog! Mia’s online buddies are dear to her. She hopes to hear from you and would love for you to join her circle of cyber-friends.

Mia at the bookfairFinding Mia

Pictured at right: Mia at a book fair